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Good News!

on September 1, 2011

Hey Everyone

I really do apologize for being MIA everyone. Due to some issues at home, my internet was suspended for a month (again >.<“). We are officially now BIA. We’ll do our best to catch up and get a lot of chapters out for you guys. Though my recent job has been hectic, and school is coming up in a week, so it would be extremely hard to do so. Again. we’ll do our best!
A ton of work has been done already in most chapters and so a lot of what’s left is only QC. Also, regarding the anniversary release. It will still happen so expect that to come up soon. Once I get updated on everything and read all my unread messages on the group email then I’ll post a schedule of releases for next week.

Sorry for all the inconvenience this may have caused you all! We hope that you can keep on supporting us!

Star (Admin of Starlight Scans)


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