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Release Schedule

on September 6, 2011

Hey Guys,

As I said before, this week is dedicated for our 1st anniversary so basically our Anniversary Release. At first I was thinking of doing a mass release but then I’m thinking you guys must be so anxious to read new chapters of our series so I decided to release day by day. Here’s the schedule of what’s going to be released this week:

Wednesday: Suki desu Suzuki-kun Chapter 14 and 15

Thursday: Show Princess Chapter 16-19

Friday: Kinkyori Renai Chapter 10 and Dr. Rin  Chapter 6

Saturday: Canaan Chapter 2 and 3

Sunday: Angel Lip Chapter 7 and/or 8

That’s about it. The schedule might change a bit except for Wednesday but do expect that all of those chapters that are mentioned will be released sometime this week and no later than that, it might just be in different orders depending on which I finish first. After this week, our releases will go back to normal which is a minimum of 1 chapter/week.



One response to “Release Schedule

  1. hinata says:

    great! 😀 i can’t wait for kinkyori renai 🙂 appreciate your hard work and thanks a lot!

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