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Join Us!

Hi, everyone!

I am currently looking for people willing to help and join me in the team. Please help us if you are interested.

NOTE: Serious applicants only! Please do NOT bother offering help if you know that you are or will be busy. I do NOT want to waste your time and my time for people who only email me once and do not come back to return the finished script/files or who can only work for a chapter or two. Those who are willing to help should at least stay for one whole book.


Here are the current jobs we need. Check back here for frequent updates.


If you have any japanese raws that you want scanlated then please contact me by using the email I provided.

Japanese to English Translators

I am looking for someone whose Japanese is his/her first language or one who is learning Japanese and confident to give it a try. Since most of the projects are based on the everyday-conversations, I don’t think it will be really hard to translate. He/she must also have a strong foundation in English, although one is not required to be an English native speaker.

Chinese to English Translators

I am looking for someone whose Chinese is his/her first language or one who is learning Chinese and confident to give it a try. Since most of the projects are based on the everyday-conversations, I don’t think it will be really hard to translate. He/she must also have a strong foundation in English, although one is not required to be an English native speaker.


He/she must be one whose English is his/her first language or one whose English is not his/her first language, but is good and confident in grammar. He/she should also be able to work fast (about 2-3 chapters per week).


For those who think that gutter shadows and unleveled manga are evil and can make raws into nice HQ cleans, we want you! I would prefer if you have experience because I don’t know how to train people or if you don’t have experience but know your way around photoshop.


For those who are sensitive to font sizes and know how to use the text function in your image editing programme, we want you!
You will be responsible on putting all the translations in the right bubbles.
For typesetters, make sure everything goes according to the translations that will be provided for you.


We need photoshop editors who keep to the deadlines and who work diligently. Rabid-crazed fangirls with photoshop skills are encouraged to apply. ^^ A turn around of at least two weeks per chapter is expected. Please, if you’re not willing to stick around for a least a couple of chapters, don’t apply. If you apply as an editor, you’re expected to do both the typesetting and cleaning.

Quality Checkers/QCer

Basically, people who check a chapter before it can be released. A chapter is checked for editing, translation and proofreading mistakes. Quality checkers either write out their comments for the editor to change or get the PSD files to make the changes themselves.  So basically, a QCer must be familiar with both editing and proofreading jobs.

If you’re interested in applying to one of these positions then email me at starlightscans (at) hotmail(dot) com.


26 responses to “Join Us!

  1. Hidden Detective says:

    hello, HD here. I’ve been translating for Suki desu Suzuki-kun for Rebellious Love, but recently the entire group and website has been completely frozen in terms of active-ness for unknown reasons. I got no reply even when emailing to ask what’s going on… Anyways, now I’m considering to move over here to continue my translation work. I translate from Chinese, but since it’s my home language, I can provide quality translation with no arkwardness when it comes to slangs, grammar or sentence flows. I’ve been translating for a year and half now and am most confident in my abilities in quality. I don’t really mind much which group I work in, I’m just happy to see my work on finished scanlations. So if you guys don’t mind that I came from Rebellious Love, I’d be glad to provide my service. If you want to check my past works on this manga, you can find them on Mangafox, where ch 5-8 is done by me (I actually have the next few ch trans done already, but as I said, RL suddenly became dormant). Anyways, please email me back about this matter, thanks…

  2. Hidden Detective says:

    I came here after hearing from Midnight Scans that they will be transfering SDSK to you guys…
    Did I contact you guys at the right place? I thought that this was the place to email you guys but apparently not…

    • Hello there,

      We would love to have you as part of our staff if you still want to that is. As for SDSK, Rebellious Love and this group had agreed to do a joint with i. We are just waiting for work to come to us but unfortunately I haven’t gotten a reply from them since my last email a couple of months ago. If you want Starlight Scans can pick the project up if Rebellious Love isn’t planning on continuing it.

      • Hidden Detective says:

        yeah… I’m not sure what happened to RL, everyone and everything there just suddenly fell dormant since August… I didn’t get any reply since my email asking what’s going on either… If this keeps up, I guess I might as well just give translations to you guys and we can continue SDSK. Fans of this series have been waiting their eyes off since the last chapter months ago…

      • Hmmm, how bout I send an email to them regarding whether they would still continue and wait for their reply. If they don’t reply in a week or so then the group can pick it up. Plus, I really like this series.
        What do you think?

      • Hidden Detective says:

        sounds good to me… I enjoy this series too and recently also became a part of the Chinese translation group for it…

      • Okay then 🙂
        I already sent them an email and all we have to do is wait for their reply.

  3. A manga fan (: says:

    Excuse me, I’m not experienced, but I’m kinda interested to be a proof reader or a typesetter, and I LOVE manga (I know SDSK too). English is not my main language but I’m pretty confident in my grammar and vocabularies. Plus, I can use photoshop quite well (I use it every time I’m editing my photos). If you need more members, I’m willing to get busy, I work fast too. 🙂
    Thanks for your attention, please give me a response if you’re interested. :3

  4. ixWishingx3 says:

    Excuse me, I would like to be an editor. I am in fact a rabid-crazed fan girl with some experience in photoshop. I CAN do typesetting and cleaning but I may not be as good as others..

  5. littlekage says:

    I would love to be a proofreader. English is my first language and I am currently studying it at college. I would love to help out!

  6. zoe says:

    i would like to help out as a chinese translater 😀

  7. Mari says:

    Hi! I am interested in the proofreader position, if it is still open. English is my first language, and although I am only fifteen, I am particulary good with literature, writing, and grammar. I have plenty of time on my hands, and I’m not looking for any form of compensation. I am also willing to do any other odd jobs.

  8. taghan says:

    I would like to be a proofreader and/or a typesetter! Let me know if I can do anything! Thanks 🙂

  9. Arata-fan says:

    Hi, I’m interested in becoming a proofreader and I’m also interested in typesetting. English isn’t my 1st language, but I’ve been reading english-translated manga since I was twelve (currently 18) and my marks in english have always been over 90. My high school finals are coming up pretty soon, but after that I’m all free. I have enough time to act as a proofreader at first since it doesn’t require as much time and it helps me practice my grammar (not that I need any), but arter my exams I would also like to apply for typesetting, since I believe it’s a big part of the final product. My japanese reading is zero, so if any japanese language skills are required I apologize. So I’d like to start as a proofreader, if I have the qualifications. Anxiously waiting for reply 🙂

  10. Maria says:

    Hello beautiful people who I wanna help!!!!well I wanna offer my proofreader skills and finish some wonderful books!!!!
    Well, other than the proofreading, I have an interesting project in mind…why don’t we translate from the finished English projects to Spanish???!!!we could start slow, but I know that the more languages you have, the better you’ll do. And since my mother language is Spanish, I could do the work and I guarantee a total perfect grammar and spelling in both, since I’m fluent in both! (this girl over here is bragging a little).
    Well, I hope that you like my little project! And for now I’ll do proofreading until you can give me a clear answer!


  11. Maria says:

    PS I got a lot of time in my hands after my classes are over at around 4:00pm, so after that I’m at your sevice!!! And another thing…I’m super jumpy and I smile too much, but I know that even with my carefree ways I can do a great job helping out!!!

  12. someonefromouterspace says:

    is this still open?

    • Connie says:

      Um.. this is my 1st time on this site. I’m like obsessed with manga I’m always on Mangafox or something..= = I saw Starlight Scans on one was the page I was reading, and so that lead me here. I can only speak English so I thought that the job as proofreader seemed possible for me. I have free time on my hands, but I’m curious to know that if I do apply for this job, what am I supposed to do? What are the requirements? And is the position still open?

  13. Diana says:

    hi i would love to be a proofreader because everytime im reading a manga and im like ugh its misspelled again (pulling out my hair) im a bit of an english geek i love to read book but im also in some organizations at school that take time but since i recently got moved down to one of the groups that dont do much well i got more time now 😀 please consider adding me to your group 🙂 ill work diligently

  14. Brittany says:

    Hi I would like to be a typesetter.

  15. Wolfy says:

    Hay :3 I’d like to be a proofreader if possible. I love languages and yes, English is my main language^^ I have to say this is my first time applying for something like I have no experience in that 😦 But I’ve always wanted to do this since I was 11 years old. I’ve got lots of free time and I’m also using photoshop software quite often so that’s not a problem :3 Ah and of course the most important thing: I love Mangas *Q* so yea I’ll be hoping for your response 😀

  16. Crystal says:

    … I… kinda want to help but don’t know how… I’m Chinese and I can help translate if you want… I’m not that good at reading writing in Chinese but I don’t think writing it is that important. I’m sure I can manage.

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