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Show Princess

Title : Summer’s Desire / Show Princess
Author(s) : Ming Xiao Xi
Length : 37 Chapters [Ongoing]
Description :
From Sherbet Lemon:

Yi Summer and Loshii are orphans, both having met each other at their adoptive parents’ home. Because of the shadows remaining from their childhood, they are both shrouded in the midst of wariness. However, when Yi Summer and her brother meet an embarrassing situation during a singing competition, Loshii helps them out, and the iciness that separates both of them gradually melts. Seeing what has happened, as well as in an attempt to break both of them up, Ozen, who deeply loves Yi Summer and is the heir to the company that founded their school, sends Loshii off to England to study…

Five years later, Loshii has become a superstar, with countless number of fans to his name. Yi Summer, having become an orphan once again as her adoptive parents died the year Loshii left, is a new artiste of a records company, and meets Loshii. Ozen, on the other hand, having lost his memory of Yi Summer five years ago due to a car accident, also sees Yi Summer once again as well. With all three main characters back on the scene and their disputes of love and hate, what will happen between them then? Who will Yi Summer pick in the end?

Please read this regarding missing pages for the chapters: Click Me!

Chapter 6 – Download
Chapter 7 – Download
Chapter 8 – Download
Chapter 9 – Download
Chapter 10 – Download
Chapter 11 – Download
Chapter 12 – Download
Chapter 13 – Download
Chapter 14 – Download
Chapter 15 – Download
Chapter 16 – Download
Chapter 17 – Download
Chapter 18 – Download
Chapter 19 – Download


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17 responses to “Show Princess

  1. momoko says:

    thaaank you soo much for the new chapters of show princess, it’s really an awsome manga and I really appreciate al you’re hard work…

  2. mai says:

    thank you very much for picking up this project! love show princess!! C:

  3. AKudie says:

    Hej thanks you so much for Show Princess… I can t understand how come this manga was so neglected soooo long (already 37 existing chapters :<) it s really awesome! I hope it will gain the appreciation it deserves…. pictures are amazing and so is the plot (I saw the drama)
    Thank you so much!!!!!

  4. Dfang says:

    Love this thanks .

  5. jazminsense says:

    Thank you, seems interesting!

  6. darkout says:

    thanks so much for the hard work!! man i love this manga >< !! but still thanks so much and hopefully more chapter will come~

  7. Yu says:

    I just finished reading the 14th chapter, and I’m totally into this manga, it’s great. Thank you for scanlating Show princess =)

  8. Juliette says:

    Please continue this! I have been wanting this to come out for a long time! Sorry I can’t scan or translate it myself, i would if i could. =( Although if u need help proofreading anything i’ll be glad to help.

  9. ocean says:

    Can’t wait for next chapter….so many possible outcomes running through my head @@

  10. anime/mangalover says:

    please hurry with the next chapter!
    i really want to read it
    i want to know what happens! DX
    im sorry im complaining even though im not helping but i would if i could!

  11. Belle says:

    thank you sooo much or doing this project!!!

  12. ray says:

    thanks so much for the download links 😀

  13. Valerain says:

    Hi, i wanted to download 15 chapter of Show Princes but instead show princess there is SDSK. Could you fix it please. 🙂

  14. Sophie says:

    Hey i really hope the next chapter will come out soon! im dying here!

  15. Leslya says:

    Did someone find the real chapter 15? The link is still pointing to [Starlight]SDSK_Vol03_Ch015(V2).rar

  16. Aya says:

    Thank you for the hard work^^ I love this serie so much:)

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