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Just a Greeting!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

I hope you guys have a wonderful and enjoyable Christmas Day with your love ones 🙂
Even though it’s Christmas, I have some bad news 😦 I was hoping I would be able to release our “Christmas Release” today but due to me having a late Christmas break, I wasn’t able to QC much.  My Christmas break just recently started (last day of school was the 23rd) so Sorry you guys!!! 😦

The “Christmas Release” now called “Holiday Release” will be available on New Years Day (Jan 01, 2012).

Anyways, have a fun holidays Everybody!!! ^_^

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Hey Guys,

A lot of people have been asking me why the beginning of Chapter 15 doesn’t seem to be the continuation of  Chapter 14 and that Summer’s part of the audition is missing. I was actually like that too when I was qcing the Chapter 15 and I’m now here to clear that up.

I’m not sure if all of you know but  Misha (the author), forbids anyone to release the full version of the manhua which is publicized in a local manhua magazine therefore the raws circulating online are all incomplete. Sadly, we don’t scan the manhua ourselves so we get our raws online which as you all now know are incomplete. That’s why our releases are incomplete too.

For now, we’re going to use the incomplete version until we can get a hold of the full one. So please bear with it until it gets resolve. If I get enough money, I might just purchase it myself but I don’t know when that would be. If anyone is nice enough and is willing to buy or have the complete manhua for us to use (don’t worry, you will be credited) then that would be awesome 🙂

Now about the anniversary release. Sorry guys but it will be delayed for a few days. My mom decided to change the internet again to another company because apparently it’s getting too expensive >.<” *sigh* She said we’ll have it back up soon although I don’t know how long soon would be -__-”

I apologize for the inconvenience this will cause everyone but please bear with it for now until everything gets fixed. I’ll try to resolve all of this as soon as I can. If you guys have anymore questions, you can email me at or just comment to this post.


New Series & Joint ~

Hey Everyone =D

We’re picking up a new series called “Suki desu Suzuki-kun!!” 🙂 This was supposed to be a joint between Rebellious Love and Starlight Scans but it’s been a month since I heard from them and I heard that there not active right now  so we’re picking it up. I love this series very much and I want to see more chapters get release. I know Midnight Scans and is already doing it but we’re doing our own version from where Rebellious Love left off (I guess) xD  Don’t worry I will myself be uploading each chapter on MangaFox since I just found out that Midnight Scans doesnt upload there own version on MF.

Also, we decided to have a joint with Shoujo Crusade :] Since both groups had a particular series as one of our upcoming projects we decided to do it together 😀 The series is called “Diamond Kiss” and it will be a joint between Shoujo Crusade and Starlight Scans.

We hope you look forward to our 2 new series ^_^

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Starlight Scans

Hello 😀

Welcome to Starlight’s blog. We are a new fan-based scanlation group dedicated to bringing great manga for fans by fans 😀 Visit our forum for more information about the staff and our projects 🙂


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