Starlight Scans

Dreams are better than reality~


Once upon a time, there was a girl who was your average everyday leecher. Everyday, she waits and waits for her favourite manga chapters to come out until one day she finally gets tired of waiting and something hits her (literally).

She was on the computer trying to study for her last exam when her sister hits her with a manga book in the head to try to get her attention. As she picked up the manga book on the floor an idea came to mind. Rather than waiting for chapters to come out, she should just make a scanlation group. She knew how a scanlation group works because she worked at different groups as an editor. She thought it was an awesome idea and went ahead with it thus Starlight Scanlation is born.

Starlight Scans is a group dedicated to manga lovers. We hope to expand our site and spread the love of mangas to everyone. We would mostly do shoujo or any romance manga but there can always be exceptions depending on what it is. Hope you enjoy you stay here 🙂



One response to “About

  1. kimora says:

    theres a manga which us really great but the manga group haven’t sent any of since 2005.i think they cancelled or sealed the website so here is the name of the manga its called she’s kids.(only 1 volume) completed

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