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Happy Birthday HD!!!

Hey Guys,

If you’ve noticed we haven’t released anything in quite a while again -__-”
I’m really SORRY about that. I’ve been quite busy with school that I’ve been neglecting the group quite a bit and there was even a point where I thought of not continuing the group anymore BUT rest assured, I wont 🙂

Today, we’re releasing a chapter some of you might have been waiting for ^_^
This release is dedicated to Hidden Detective, who celebrated his/her birthday a week ago. Happy Birthday Hidden Detective, this release is for you from Starlight Scans.

P.S. Sorry, I couldn’t include your series but I will release it this week, still dedicated for you 😀

Downloads are available on our >FORUM<

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Release #14

Hey Guys,

I know I’m supposed to release a chapter from Show Princess this week but there are still some missing translations that still needs to be translated hence I can’t release it this week so if anyone of you guys know how to translate Chinese – English, doesn’t matter if you have experience or not, please apply. We really need more translators.

Since most of the staff has gone MIA and there’s only a few of us whose active the releases will be more slower than usual until we get more staff.  If possible I will release a random chapter that’s ready once a week or if not then a chapter every 2 weeks. It saddens me to do this but the group can’t help it since most the staff are busy or wont be coming back until summer time.

Anyways, today we have a release. Thank you for all the staff who made this release possible. Please enjoy!!! ^_^

You can download it in our forum >HERE<


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