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New Year Release!!! :D

Happy New Year Everyone!!! 😀
Today we have a release for you 🙂 You can download it on our forum here. Don’t forget to make a 5-non spam post on the forum if you want to access the download section.

Anyways, I hope everyone an awesome New Year! 🙂


After so long…finally!!!

Hey Everyone,

After a long time of waiting we finally have a release!!! 😀 I know a lot of you guys have been waiting for these chapters so wait no more 🙂
Since it’s almost Christmas, we prepared something for you guys. I’m hoping I’ll be able to release on Christmas Day this time unlike last year when it was delayed because of my computer problems. Anyways, we hope you look forward to that!!! ^_^

Without further a do we release you Volume 03 Extra and Volume 04 Chapter 16 of  Suki Desu Suzuki-kun. Download links are available on the forum for now >Here< . Remember you need to make a 5-non spam post to access the download section. If you don’t want to do that, you can wait 3 days for the link to appear on the website.



Show Princess Release!

Hey Everyone,

I realize I couldn’t follow the schedule I made *hits head* I’m already so busy with school even though its been only weeks since school started for me. School activities and my job are also keeping me busy. *sigh* I’m having less and less time on me.

Anywho, here’s a couple of chapters from Show Princess. Hope you enjoy! smile.gif
Don’t forget to thank to the staff who made this release possible!

You can download it in our >>forum<<


First Release

Hey Everyone 🙂

Here’s our first release. We know that this series haven’t been updated for quite some time so we decided to take it up. Hope you enjoy a new chapter of Show Princess =]

You can download it on our forum >HERE<