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Angel Lip Release!

Hey Everyone,

Today we have a release for you smile.gif We’re releasing 2 chapters from Angel Lip. Also, we’re re-releasing some of our anniversary releases! This wraps up our anniversary releases! Downloads are available at the forum!
Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to thank all the staff who made this release possible.

You can download it >here<

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Canaan Release!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!! 🙂
I’m not sure if every country celebrates it but I’ll just greet you guys anyways xD If you don’t know it then just search it up 😉

Anyways, today we have a release from a series that we have neglected for a while now >.<” Today’s release is from Canaan!!! For those people who’ve been waiting for a release on this series then today is your lucky day 😀 We already finished the entire volume 1, but we wont be releasing all of it since some of the chapters still needs Qcing.

*Note*: If anyone knows where we could find Raws for Volume 2 and 3 (Chapter 6 and onwards), please tell me!!!!

Without further a do here’s Chapter 2 and 3 of Canaan. Don’t forget to thank the staff who made this release possible!

You can download it on our >Forum<

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