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New Series & Joint ~

Hey Everyone =D

We’re picking up a new series called “Suki desu Suzuki-kun!!” 🙂 This was supposed to be a joint between Rebellious Love and Starlight Scans but it’s been a month since I heard from them and I heard that there not active right now  so we’re picking it up. I love this series very much and I want to see more chapters get release. I know Midnight Scans and is already doing it but we’re doing our own version from where Rebellious Love left off (I guess) xD  Don’t worry I will myself be uploading each chapter on MangaFox since I just found out that Midnight Scans doesnt upload there own version on MF.

Also, we decided to have a joint with Shoujo Crusade :] Since both groups had a particular series as one of our upcoming projects we decided to do it together 😀 The series is called “Diamond Kiss” and it will be a joint between Shoujo Crusade and Starlight Scans.

We hope you look forward to our 2 new series ^_^

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Release #2

Hey Guys,

We have another release for you today. I know that a lot of you have been waiting for a chapter to be release from this series since it was last updated 2 years ago. We were only planning on taking this up until the last chapter of volume 2 since coyomoose was going to continue it but sadly they closed down so were gonna keep on continuing it until the end :]

Also, since the original translator went MIA for this and only translated half of chapter 5 so today’s release is only half of chapter 5. I have someone translating the other half right now so rest assured that the other half will be release sometime next week. Without further a do, here it is. Enjoy ^_^

You can download it >HERE<


First Release

Hey Everyone 🙂

Here’s our first release. We know that this series haven’t been updated for quite some time so we decided to take it up. Hope you enjoy a new chapter of Show Princess =]

You can download it on our forum >HERE<