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Release #20

on May 1, 2011

Hey Everyone,

We have a release for you guys today 🙂
Sorry guys but today’s release won’t be Show Princess or SDSK again. I’ll try to release a chapter of Show Princess next week and for a treat, I might release 2 chapters just for you guys 😀 I might also release a chapter of SDSK with it if the typesetting gets done in time.

Anyways, today I’m releasing the Omake of Kinkyori Renai Volume 2 which I totally forgot to release with chapter 8. Also, for the people who wanted another chapter of Dr. Rin, this release is for you guys then ^_^

You can download it in on our >Forum<


4 responses to “Release #20

  1. Mich says:

    Yay! thank you Starlight scans! ^_^

  2. Yuki N says:

    YAY! Dr Rin!!!
    😦 no show princess… but Dr Rin is still cool!!!


  3. mary says:


    I just wanted to ask when to expect the next xhapter of show princess I really like the story and woud therefor ove to know when the next release will be, or might be…

  4. Juliette says:

    Yayy!!! Can’t wait for Show Princess! =) <3!!

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