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Release #18

on April 17, 2011

Hey Everyone,

Today, we have another release for you guys ^_^
I was planning on releasing 2 chapters both from different series but I didn’t have time to finish Qcing the other one hence I’ll only be releasing one today but I think most of you will like this one 😀
Enjoy and don’t forget all the staff who made this release possible! Without further a do here’s another chapter of Suki Desu Suzuki-kun, hope you like it 🙂

You can download it in our >Forum<


One response to “Release #18

  1. Nandiwardhana says:

    Hello, I am the reader from Indonesia. Are you the one responsible for translating manga of Dr. Rin? I want ask a few question, when you will publish the new chapter? Actually, how many do you send this manga after you translate to the website? Once a week, twice a month, or once a month? I’m waiting for your result of Dr. Rin’s translation, thank you.

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