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Updates !!!

on January 29, 2011

Hey Guys,

As you may have noticed, we haven’t released anything in about…lets just say in quite a while. I am sorry for that. I haven’t been online for a long time because of test, projects and basically real life. Some of the staff have been going MIA or busy with their things too so I’m trying to organize which staffs are active and which are not. I’ll try to make up for it next week and the week following that.

Schedule this coming week:

Monday – Angel Lip Chapter 4
Tuesday – Dr. Rin Chapter 3
Wednesday – Kinkyori Renai Chapter 7
Thursday – Canaan Chapter 1 (New Series)
Friday – Suki Desu Suzuki-kun Chapter 10

I might make some changes depending on what happens during the week but I will definitely try to release a chapter per day. Those release will be dedicated to 3 awesome staff in the group so you guys better stayed tuned everyday next week to see the releases 😀

Good News to maybe only to some of you, were finally putting back Seisei Suruhodo, Aishiteru to our current projects since we got awesome cleaners who’s willing to work on it. Yay !!! 😀 Expect a release from it in a couple of weeks 🙂
I think that’s about it.. if I forgot something then I’ll make another post 😛

P.S. To be able to download the releases that will be coming soon, you have to make a 5-non spam post on the forum. You better do it now rather than waiting for next week since you’ll first need my approval which might take time so go do it now if haven’t yet 😀


10 responses to “Updates !!!

  1. kimora says:

    ttttttttttthhhhhhaaannnnnnnnnnnnnkkkkk yyyooooouuuuu so much cause i was wondering when the next angel lip chapter will come out so i wanted and kept on re reading it over and over but now the new chapter is coming out thannnnkkk yyyyyooooouuuuuu so muck

    • No problem and I’m sorry for making you wait for a long time. I’ll be releasing the chapter on the forum today once I come back from school so check the forum later on for the download link 🙂

  2. kimora says:

    okay not to be annoying and all but whose y know sending angel lip cause when i go to aka updates it say ur group and some other group called fire&ice are working on it so are u guys a joint group for angel lip or not cause i really am confused

  3. momoko says:

    thaaank you it’s nice to hear what is going on, can’t wait for show princes it’s really an awsome series….

  4. kimora says:

    okay im am rally sorry for bothering u but when u say next week do u mean today or in febuary

  5. sarah says:

    thanks for Kinkyori Renai

  6. kelly says:

    Please release the 11th chapt for suki desu suzuki-kun!! I really like this manga

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