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Double Release :)

on December 1, 2010

Hey Guys,

Today, we’re having a double release 😀  I owe it to you guys since I didn’t release anything for 2 weeks. I got sick and wasn’t able to do any Qcing or typesetting so we need more editors if you guys want more faster releases 🙂

Anyway, we’re releasing a chapter from Angel Lip and Dr. Rin. They are both from the same author who also was the author for Beauty Pop so if you’re a fan of  ARAI Kiyoko then you should definitely try reading these other 2 series by her.

We also dedicate this release to our wonderful and awesome editor Cassy1122 who was with my from the very beginning. She had her birthday last week but since I wasn’t able to release anything, this one is for her 😀

You can download it >HERE<


3 responses to “Double Release :)

  1. iloveleonard says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the first chapter of Dr Rin and am looking forward to reading what happens next. Thank you so much for the new releases!

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