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Release #3

on November 1, 2010

Hey Everyone 🙂

First of all I want to greet you guys a Happy Halloween :]
Today we have another release. I’m sorry for not releasing anything last week, I’ve been quite busy with school and clubs that I didn’t have time to typeset and QC anything. To make it up, we’re releasing something today and a lot more coming up this week 😀
Also, I was thinking of releasing the other half of Kinkyori Renai today but when I was typesetting it I found there were missing some translation but I will try to release it sometime this week. Anyways, ENJOY !!!  ^_^

You can download it >>HERE<<


3 responses to “Release #3

  1. khanh says:

    i just check the raw on chapter 1-7 of show princess. it appear that your guy skip out on the last 3 page of chapter 6 and the last 5 page on chapter 7. just saying this encase your raw might be wrong or your computer might accident delete those page.

    thank you for reading

    • OMG.. you’re right. I checked the site where we get our raws and check another site for different raws and the one we have are missing some pages.
      I guess we’ll have to re-release chapter 6 and 7.
      Thank you for telling us. We appreciate it 🙂

  2. Anna says:

    Thank you for so much for this show princess chapter!!!

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